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Marty is a real robot designed to help teach coding to kids. Marty comes as a kit, is Wi-Fi enabled and with nine individually controllable servo motors. You can use our app to remote control Marty, and add a bunch of sensors to react to the environment — Marty can walk, turn, dance, even kick a football! 


You can program Marty using Scratch, a beginner friendly coding language, and then advance on to Python, Javascript and even ROS.


Marty is supported by fun and engaging online tutorials and a fast-growing and inquisitive community. Every Marty the Robot comes with a 2 year warranty, and we're always here to support and help. 


Marty the Robot makes learning about coding, electronics, and engineering a fun, challenging and engaging process. Designed to be customisable robot with 3D printed parts, Marty is also completely upgradeable — you can even add a Raspberry Pi and a camera to Marty's head! 


All packs include everything you need to build and program your very own Marty, including a screwdriver, rechargeable battery and USB charger. 

Marty The Robot

R7 500,00Price
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